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Chinese Literature Translation Archive

Parent Institution: University of Oklahoma Libraries


The OU Libraries Chinese Literature Translation Archive provides students and scholars with a wide range of rare books, reference materials, translation drafts, correspondence, notes, ephemera, and other historical materials that provide context for Western readers to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese literature. The archive currently houses nearly 10,000 volumes and thousands of documents from some of the greatest translators of modern Chinese literature in the West including Howard Goldblatt, Wolfgang Kubin, Wai-lim Yip and the "William Bikales and Margaret Eliot Grady Collection" of Arthur Waley.

The mission of the archive is to improve the material conditions for translation students and for comparative and world literature by providing the materials necessary for historically informed research supported by the richly textured intellectual environments within which translation takes place.

401 W. Brooks St Norman, OK 73019

What's in this Repository?