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Alfred Griffith Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-235
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Surgeon and naval officer. Correspondence (1860-1913) to and from Griffith regarding his experiences as a medical cadet with the U.S. Army during the Civil War, his participation in a U.S. naval expedition to Darien (modern Panama), and also regarding New Hope Seminary in the Choctaw Nation; diaries (1864-1870) regarding Griffith's travels abroad, and his emigration to Indian Territory; naval medical reports and requisition requests (1870-1871); petition (1894) from the residents of Sans Bois, Choctaw Nation, requesting that Griffith establish a medical practice there; certificates (1900-1917); a passport (1871); manuscripts (1864-1865) by Griffith concerning his Civil War experiences with Sherman's army in Georgia and North Carolina; and programs (1888-1931).
Dates: 1842-1931

Carl Coke Rister Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: WHC-M-524
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Historian. Student grade books (1929-1951) from history courses taught by Rister at the University of Oklahoma; manuscripts (1889-1920) regarding the settlement of Oklahoma prepared by Rister's students; and typescripts of the official reports (1868-1871) of Generals William T. Sherman and Philip Sheridan regarding the actions of their commands with the Indians. The original reports are in the Library of Congress. Carl Coke Rister Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1868-1951

Charles W. Hamilton Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-1044
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Petroleum geologist. Geological reports for Oklahoma, Venezuela, and Mexico; materials concerning oil production in the Middle East and Central and South America; correspondence (1912-1922) with Mexican Gulf Oil Company; Hamilton's family correspondence (1909-1926), some (1914) concerning the Mexican Revolution; general business correspondence (1911-1923), some with Everette L. DeGolyer; Hamilton's geology class notes (1914-1915); Hamilton's diary (1912-1914); and a draft of a book-length work by Hamilton entitled "Americans in the Middle East." Charles W. Hamilton Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1909-1962

Division of Manuscripts Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: WHC-M-163
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)Subject collection. Letters, reports, publications, and manuscripts reflecting the history of Oklahoma and of its American Indian tribes and nations, including correspondence (1813–1839) from U.S. government officials concerning policy toward the Indians, especially in regard to the Indian removal, and correspondence (1862) from Confederate Army officer Albert Pike in regard to Confederate States of America policy toward the Indians. Also included in this collection is a group of French colonial documents (1682–1794), along with diaries and journals (1770–1877) of travelers on the American frontier. The collection contains material on a variety of topics; researchers are urged to consult the inventory to determine the full scope of the collection’s contents. Portions of Boxes 7 and 8 of this collection are available at the OU Libraries...
Dates: 1682-1969

Gilbert Courtland Fite Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-1007
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Historian. Reports, correspondence and publications (1926-1952) regarding the Mt. Rushmore National Monument, including correspondence (1925-1940) from its creator, Gutzon Borglum; photocopies of his diary (1925); papers regarding South Dakota Governor Peter Norbeck; a manuscript by Fite regarding consumer cooperatives; official files (1966-1967) of the search committee appointed to recommend a candidate for the office of President of the University of Oklahoma; personal files regarding agricultural farm relief programs; and a typescript of the diary (1932-1933) of George Peek. Gilbert Courtland Fite Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1925-1967

L. C. Heydrick Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-277
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Oil prospector. Correspondence (1901, 1931-1939, 1944, 1953) relating to Jesse A. Heydrick's discovery of oil in Red Fork, Oklahoma; a manuscript (1931) of unpublished chapters of "J.W. Flenner's History of Early Oil Developments in Oklahoma"; legal papers (1901); newspaper clippings; and a bound report (1953) entitled "Red Fork Discovery, June 1901" by L.C. Heydrick. L.C. Heydrick Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1901-1953

Leonard M. Logan Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-363
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

University professor. Correspondence (1950-1958) with the Department of the Interior, congressmen, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs; reports (1956-1963) and newspaper clippings (1925-1961) concerning Indian affairs; and manuscripts (1948) entitled "The Care of Chronic and Convalescent Patients in Oklahoma" by Logan, and "Norman and Cleveland County, A Resource Inventory.".
Dates: 1925-1961

Morris L. Wardell Collection

 Collection — Drawer: 8623
Identifier: WHC-M-643
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Historian. Correspondence (1921-1956) concerning Wardell's tenure as a Professor of History and as an Assistant to the President of the University of Oklahoma, concerning student affairs, curriculum, academic department administration, accreditation, military training, housing, post-war planning, and state legislation; academic and admistrative departmental reports (1929-1945); correspondence concerning Wardell's teaching and publishing activities, and his involvement with civic organizations; lecture notes; research materials; and manuscripts regarding the Cherokee and Osage Indians, historic sites in Oklahoma, and the history of the American West. Morris L. Wardell Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1921-1956

Nina Louise Phillipi Pond Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-497
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Homemaker. Typescripts (1893-1950), including the Statement of Intent of the Grant County (Oklahoma) Film Library, and concerning the history of the Grant County Historical Society and of the Medford, Oklahoma Methodist Episcopal Church; programs (1950-1953, 1967) of the Medford Methodist Church, and of various women's civic groups in Medford; minutes (1966-1968), publications (1952-1968) and governing board reports (1965-1967) of the United Methodist Church's Oklahoma Conference Ministry to the Deaf. Nina Phillipi Pond Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1893-1968

Oklahoma Geological Survey Collection

 Collection — Drawer: 8509
Identifier: WHC-M-454
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Records of the Oklahoma Geological Survey, including correspondence (1908-1982), area geological reports (1915-1948), and field notes (1908-); reports of the governing board (1974-1979); and book manuscripts and galley proofs (n.d.) regarding Oklahoma geology. Also included is correspondence from the University of Oklahoma Department of Geology and Geography. Oklahoma Geological Survey Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1908-1982

Raymond Stallings McLain Collection

 Collection — Drawer: 8613
Identifier: WHC-M-395
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

U.S. Army officer. Correspondence (1929-1954) concerning McLain's personal and business affairs; orders, memoranda, reports (1920-1937) and correspondence (1939-1940) from McLain's service with the Oklahoma National Guard; speeches (1947-1954) made by McLain as Chief of Information of the U.S. Army and as a member of the National Security Training Commission; typescript account (n.d.) by McLain of his participation as commander of the 45th Division Artillery in the Allied invasion of Sicily during World War II; and a typescript account by McLain of the 45th Division Artillery's role in the Battle of the Aisne (1918) in World War I.
Dates: 1912-1987

Samuel Williams Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: WHC-M-670
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Cotton farmer. Correspondence (1909-1949) to and from Williams regarding the Beckham County, Oklahoma World War I relief and finance effort, including a letter (1918) from Gov. Robert L. Williams; correspondence regarding Williams' invention and patenting of a cotton cleaning machine; blueprints (ca. 1924) of the machine; a typescript (n.d.) by Williams regarding the Chisholm Trail in Beckham County; and official reports (1918-1919) regarding the Liberty Bond and Liberty Loan Drives in Beckham County. Samuel Williams Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1909-1949

Sardis Roy Hadsell Collection

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: WHC-M-242
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

English professor. correspondence (1916-1942); freshman English placement exams and results (1936-1940), and English Department circulars and course outlines (1929-1940) from the University of Oklahoma; report of an audit (1905) of the University's finances; manuscript accounts by Hadsell of the early history of the University, including "(Vernon L.) Parrington in Oklahoma" (n.d.)"A History of the University of Oklahoma" (1929), and "Twenty-Eight Years After" (1928), which relates Hadsell's experiences with the 1900 expedition of the Oklahoma Geological Survey, plus a typescript of Hadsell's diary from the expedition. Sardis Roy Hadsell Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1900-1942

Walter Scott Ferguson Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: WHC-M-2002
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)Banker. Correspondence (1883-1951) of Thompson Benton Ferguson as Governor of the Territory of Oklahoma, and business and personal correspondence of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ferguson; printed materials (1893-1933), including newspaper clippings, magazine clippings, and magazines; financial and estate records (1941-1960) of the Walter Fergusons; pictographs of cattle brands (1906-1918) of Texas; government documents (1863-1915) of the Territories of Oklahoma and Arizona and of the United States; pins, ribbons and medallions (1895-1907) marking the statehood of Oklahoma, and the election campaigns of territorial Oklahoma politicians; literary productions (n.d.), including manuscripts, speeches, and art; legal documents (1934-1955); and scrapbooks (1862-1938) chronicling the history and contributions of the Ferguson family to Oklahoma. Also included in this...
Dates: 1863-1960