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Speeches, addresses, etc.

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 64 Collections and/or Records:

A. M. Thompson Collection

 Collection — Box T-1
Identifier: WHC-M-609
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Merchant. Correspondence (1902-1948) rergarding the death of Thompson's son in France during World War I, and the controversy regarding a new townsite for Walters, Oklahoma; publications (1913-1919) regarding Oklahoma's role in the American war effort during World War I; programs (1936) of the Wichita Mountains Easter Pageant; certificates (1885-1920); and a scrapbook (n.d.) and a typescript of a speech (n.d.) by Thompson regarding the origin and early years of Walters, Oklahoma. Alfred M. Thompson Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1885-1948

Alfred P. Murrah papers

Identifier: WHC-M-2570
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Attorney and federal judge. Professional and personal correspondence (1937-1975); speeches (1948-1973); clipping files and book reviews (1937-1975); income tax returns (1936-1976); and research files accumulated for Judge Murrah's biography. Also in the collection are speeches (1925-1975) by other political and judicial personalities.
Dates: 1913 - 1995

Bower Broaddus Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-61
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Judge. Findings of fact, conclusions of law, and case files (1940-1949) from Broaddus's tenure as judge for the Eastern, Northern, and Western Districts of the 10th Federal District Court; case files (1933-1940) from Broaddus's law practice in Muskogee; business and personal correspondence (1930-1949); and speeches of Broaddus and others.
Dates: 1930-1949

Brison Gooch Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-1035
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Historian. Booklets, pamphlets, journals, reports, speeches, bulletins, etc. concerning modern French history.
Dates: 1948-1963

C. Guy Cutlip Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: WHC-M-950
Abstract Judge. Records (1930-1931) of the Oklahoma Bar Association's Board of Governors; speeches (1927-1936) by Cutlip; manuscripts regarding the history of Seminole County, Oklahoma, Wewoka, Oklahoma, and the Seminole Nation; Seminole Indian land allotment certificates (1901-1902); records (1905-1910) of the Wewoka Masonic Lodge; and a financial ledger (1867-1872) of the Wewoka Trading Company. C. Guy Cutlip Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1867-1967

Campbell Russell Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-538
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Correspondence (1905-1937) to and from Russell regarding the Oklahoma Corporation Commission of which he was a member; political posters (ca. 1920-1930) from Russell's election campaigns for the Corporation Commission and to Congress; speeches (ca. 1920-1930); by-laws and the certificate of incorporation (1933) for the Self-Help Exchange, a Depression-era unemployed persons league; and publications (1919-1936), including newspapers (1919-1925) printed by Russell for propaganda purposes, and transcripts (n.d.) of Oklahoma State Supreme Court proceedings.
Dates: 1904-1937

Charles Nathaniel Haskell Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-262
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Oklahoma governor. Correspondence (1863-1929) concerning Haskell's political career; speeches (1907-1952) made by Haskell; newspaper clippings (1908-1938); and notes (n.d.) concerning Haskell's involvement with the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention. Charles N. Haskell Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1863-1929

Charles Newton Gould Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: WHC-M-230
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Geologist. Correspondence (1914-1941) regarding personal matters, and Oklahoma place names and geology; published and unpublished manuscripts (1907-1946) regarding Oklahoma history, place names and geology; reviews (n.d.) of Gould's works; poetry (n.d.) by Gould; speeches (n.d.) delivered by Gould; and newspaper clippings (1900-1946) regarding Gould's life and works.
Dates: 1897-1948

Charles Parnell Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-1869
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Collector. Correspondence (1899-1923); notes (n.d.) for Bible lessons; copy of speech (1914) by William H. Murray; two issues (1935) of the "Student's Echo" from the Commercial Extension, a correspondence school in Omaha, Nebraska, and an issue (1917) of "Patton's Magazine" all belonging to Charles Parnell. Charles Parnell Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1899-1935

Coleman Cole Collection

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: WHC-M-117
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Choctaw Chief. Typescripts of correspondence relating to Choctaw participation in the Indian Union proposal developed in the Okmulgee Council; published speeches; Choctaw Tribal Council proceedings; accounts of Choctaw court cases; and other papers pertaining to intruders, tribal citizenship, and royalties from Choctaw coal lands, all during the period of Cole's tenure as Principal Chief, 1874-1878.
Dates: 1875-1879

Cortez Arthur Milton Ewing Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: WHC-M-190
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

University of Oklahoma professor. Manuscripts (1933-1961) of Ewing's papers on political theory, and his book "Essentials of American Government"; research materials (ca. 1930-1960); including information on impeachment and primary elections; lecture notes (ca. 1920-1930), and other teaching materials (ca. 1930-1960); correspondence (ca. 1930-1960); and speeches (ca. 1920-1950), all relating to American government.
Dates: 1910-1961

Cruce, Cruce and Bleakmore Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-140
Scope and Contents .FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Legal documents and correspondence of the law firms of Cruce, Cruce and Cruce (1895-1901); Cruce, Cruce and Bleakmore (1901-1912); and Potter and Cruce (1912-1928) reflecting the firms' practice, representing Indian citizenship and allotment claims, banking interests, and oil and gas companies. Also in the collection are correspondence and speeches from Lee Cruce's Oklahoma gubernatorial campaign of 1907 and his senatorial campaign of 1930.
Dates: 1899-1935

David Fowler Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-204
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Labor leader. Printed reports (1951-1956) relating to a welfare and retirement fund for miners; handbills (n.d.) relating to miners' organizations; two printed copies of a speech (1952) by the United Mine Workers of America president; and two issues (1957) of the "United Mine Workers Journal.".
Dates: 1951-1957

David Ross Boyd Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: WHC-M-1982
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

University of Oklahoma president. Correspondence (1899-1943) of Dr. Boyd regarding the establishment of the University of Oklahoma, and Boyd's tenure as its first president; speeches (n.d.) delivered by Boyd; newspaper clippings (-1957) regarding Boyd and the University; employment contracts (1892) between Boyd and the University's Board of Regents; certificates (1903-1924); obituaries and memorials (1936-1937); genealogies of the Boyd and Ross families; programs (1900-1909); songs, music and posters (1902-1907) from the University. Also included is a manuscript by Mary Alice Boyd, daughter of Dr. Boyd, describing the Boyds' years in Arkansas City, Kansas, and in Norman, Oklahoma. David Ross Boyd Photograph Collection is also in repository.
Dates: 1892-1957

Dovie Jones Collection

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: WHC-M-326
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

A ledger (1870) from a general store in Cade, Indian Territory, owned and operated by Wilson N. Jones, a Principal Chief of the Choctaws, with entries in the Choctaw language. Also included is a copy of a speech (1892) by Jones to the Choctaw General Council.
Dates: 1870-1892

Dr. G. A. Morrison and Robin Leroy Morrison Collection

 Item — Multiple Containers
Identifier: WHC-M-420
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Physician. Manuscript (1912) of an address entitled "Our Opportunity To Work Among The Negro" by Mrs. G. A. Morrison, concerning opportunities to provide religious and educational training for the black population of Poteau, Oklahoma. G. A. Morrison and Robin Leroy Morrison Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1912

Ernest Whitworth Marland Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-2058
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Governor of Oklahoma. A letter (1938) supporting Marland's campaign for election to the U. S. Senate, a promotional card (1938) from his campaign, and a printed speech (1937) of Governor Marland to the Legislature of Oklahoma.
Dates: 1937-1938

Eugene McCarthy Campaign Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: WHC-M-1388
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Correspondence, press releases and speeches, position papers, clippings, and other campaign material (all 1968), concerning Eugene McCarthy's 1968 campaign to gain the Democratic Presidential nomination, and particularly concerning the organization of the Oklahoma McCarthy for President Committee and the Oklahoma State Democratic Convention.
Dates: 1968

Everett S. Lain Collection

 Collection — Box L-6
Identifier: WHC-M-1221
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Physician. A biography (1923) of Lain; typescript of a speech (n.d.) given by Lain to the Oklahoma State Medical Association, as well as a quarterly publication (1950) of the same organization; news clippings regarding medicine in Oklahoma; and a patient accounts ledger (1900) and financial journals (1933, 1938) from Lain's medical practice. Also included in this collection is a publication"The Epworth Spotlight" (1946) published by the Epworth Methodist Church of Oklahoma City as a special historical edition, and several articles which Lain wrote on herpes research, x-ray technology in Oklahoma and skin diseases among Oklahoma Indians. Everett S. Lain Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1893-1952

Frank A. Rittenhouse Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-1815
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Financial reports (1945-1949) and bylaws (1906-1944) of the Guthrie Lodge of Freemasons; original typescripts of speeches and presentations (n.d.) made by Rittenhouse before Oklahoma Freemasons; and publications (1890-1949), including "(Joseph S.) Murrow's Masonic Monitor" for Oklahoma (1903). Frank A. Rittenhouse Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1890-1949

Frederick Stanton Elder Collection

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: WHC-M-182
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

University of Oklahoma professor. Correspondence (1900-1902) and speeches (1902-1904) relating to Elder's involvement with the controversy over selling Oklahoma school lands.
Dates: 1889-1904

G. N. Belvin Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-2148
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Collector. Documents (1874-1929), most in English but many in Choctaw and Creek languages. The papers include correspondence, postcards, bank book, chattel mortgage, last will and testament, speeches, allotment and homestead patents and certificates, warranty deeds, preacher's license, printed matter, and land plats. The documents in English indicate that much of the collection concerns the Four Mothers Society.
Dates: 1874-1929

Gilbert Wesley Dukes Collection

 Collection — Box D-29
Identifier: WHC-M-174
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Typescripts of correspondence written during Dukes' tenure as Principal Chief of the Choctaw Nation and relating to leases, stockraising, and Choctaw schools, together with speeches, biographical information, and political writings reflecting the problems involved in the transition from tribal government to territorial and ultimately state jurisdiction.
Dates: 1877-1905

Governor David Hall Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: WHC-M-2176
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Governor. Papers (1970-1974) of Oklahoma Governor David Hall including appointments; radio speeches and press files; correspondence concerning pardons and paroles; and press releases concerning federal disaster relief for droughts and a tornado.
Dates: 1970-1974

Gustaf Fredrik Holmberg Collection

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: WHC-M-1250
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Educator. Correspondence, manuscripts, speeches and newspaper clippings relating to Holmberg's tenure as Dean of the University of Oklahoma School (later College) of Fine Arts (1907-1936). Fredrik Holmberg Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1907-1936

Henry Simpson Johnston Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-323
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Oklahoma governor. Correspondence (1900-1960) relating to Johnston's political and legal careers, and to his affiliation with various fraternal organizations; speeches and other papers (1914-1930) relating to his election campaigns; legal papers (1909-1934) documenting court cases with which Johnston was involved; and printed material and newspaper clippings (1920-1960) collected by Johnston. Henry S. Johnston Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1891-1960

Howell A. Scott Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-1725
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Physician. A typescript of a speech (ca. 1953) by Dr. Scott regarding the history of hospitals in Muskogee, Oklahoma and the roles played by area doctors in their establishment.
Dates: ca. 1953

Jackson Frazier McCurtain Collection

 Collection — Box M-46
Identifier: WHC-M-1076
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Indian chief. Typescripts of newspaper articles (1875-1901) regarding McCurtain and his State of the Choctaw Nation speeches (1881-1883), made before the General Council of the Choctaw Nation while he was Principal Chief.
Dates: 1875-1901

James Brooks Ayers Robertson Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-526
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Governor of Oklahoma. Correspondence (1906-1938) regarding the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention of 1906, the condition of the state after World War I, and the Okmulgee County trial incident; publications (1906-1925), including "Referendum News" and the "Oklahoma Odd Fellow"; clippings (1914-1938); scrapbooks and notebooks (ca. 1938) regarding Robertson's political career; speeches (n.d.) by Robertson regarding his positions on prohibition, the Eighteenth Amendment, the Oklahoma Department of Pardon and Parole, and his inauguration; and condolence cards (1938) received by Robertson's family upon his death. The collection also includes gubernatorial Special Order No. 11 (1922) regarding the membership of Oklahoma National Guard officers in the Ku Klux Klan. J.B.A. Robertson Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1903-1938

James R. Hendricks Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-271
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Family correspondence (1865-1902), notebooks, journals, speeches and legal documents from Hendrick's services as a judge in the Cherokee Nation, along with subject files dealing with the National Party, Blind Asylum, pensions, and Cherokee medicine. James R. Hendricks Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1859-1902