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Choctaw Indians -- Land tenure

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 20 Collections and/or Records:

Albert Rennie Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-519
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Attorney. Family and business correspondence, legal documents, and printed material belonging to Rennie, a Pauls Valley, Oklahoma attorney. Much of the material relates to real estate transactions which include land allotted to Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians.
Dates: 1889-1948

Choctaw Nation Papers Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-105
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Legislation, laws and resolutions (1896-1910) of the Choctaw Nation; typescripts of newspaper articles (1868-1936) concerning elections, allotment of tribal lands, and the Dawes Commission; and four ledgers containing the journals and minutes (1902-1911) of the Choctaw National Council.
Dates: 1868-1936

Cruce, Cruce and Bleakmore Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-140
Scope and Contents .FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Legal documents and correspondence of the law firms of Cruce, Cruce and Cruce (1895-1901); Cruce, Cruce and Bleakmore (1901-1912); and Potter and Cruce (1912-1928) reflecting the firms' practice, representing Indian citizenship and allotment claims, banking interests, and oil and gas companies. Also in the collection are correspondence and speeches from Lee Cruce's Oklahoma gubernatorial campaign of 1907 and his senatorial campaign of 1930.
Dates: 1899-1935

Frank Phillips Photograph Collection

Identifier: WHC-P-1133
Scope and Contents Black and white original prints, copy prints and glass plate negatives of the Apache, Comanche, Delaware, Temeculz, Kawaiisu, Creek, Umatilla, Chippewa, Paiute, Sioux, Oto, Choctaw, Pawnee, Osage, Ponca, Mohave, Kickapoo, Taos, Pueblo, Yuma, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Crow, Navajo, Kiowa, Tonkawa, Sac and Fox, Kalispel, Kutenai, Flathead, Spokan, Attu, Quileute, Seminole, Wasco, Modoc, Shasta, Yakima, Shoshoni, Kiowa-Apache, Skitswish, Cheyenne, Shawnee, Nez Perce, Arapaho, Caddo, Wichita, Yakima, Makah, and Blackfoot Indians. Also includes images of mining, the oil industry, the military, agriculture, the range cattle industry, education, and transportation in Oklahoma Territory, Oklahoma state, and Indian Territory. Scenes of the towns of McAlester, Edmond, Alva, Weatherford, Pawhuska, Clairemore, Ponca City, Purcell, Duncan, Noble, Lexington, Shawnee, Beaver. Plainview, Lavern, Henryetta, Atoka, Tahlequah, Guthrie, Tishomingo, and Eufaula are included. In addition the first year of...
Dates: 1870-1930

Frankie Culwell Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-141
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Collector. A copy of an allotment certificate (1909) signed by Green McCurtain, Principal of the Choctaws, and made out to Willie Inez Kirkendall, a citizen of the Choctaw Nation.
Dates: 1909

G. N. Belvin Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-2148
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Collector. Documents (1874-1929), most in English but many in Choctaw and Creek languages. The papers include correspondence, postcards, bank book, chattel mortgage, last will and testament, speeches, allotment and homestead patents and certificates, warranty deeds, preacher's license, printed matter, and land plats. The documents in English indicate that much of the collection concerns the Four Mothers Society.
Dates: 1874-1929

George Nelson Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-435
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Interpreter. Personal correspondence, land records for allotments in the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, lists of allotments available for coal leases, files on government aid to destitute Indians, and a catechism written in the Choctaw language. George Nelson Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1908-1944

Gilbert Wesley Dukes Collection

 Collection — Box D-29
Identifier: WHC-M-174
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Typescripts of correspondence written during Dukes' tenure as Principal Chief of the Choctaw Nation and relating to leases, stockraising, and Choctaw schools, together with speeches, biographical information, and political writings reflecting the problems involved in the transition from tribal government to territorial and ultimately state jurisdiction.
Dates: 1877-1905

Green McCurtain Collection

 Collection — Drawer 8613
Identifier: WHC-M-391
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Indian Chief. Correspondence (1890-1916) to and from McCurtain and his personal secretary, George W. Scott, regarding the Choctaws' claims against the United States, and separate statehood for Indian Territory, including letters from Chiefs of other major Indian tribes in the Territory; maps of railroad rights-of-way and towns in the Choctaw Nation (1876-1908), published by its general council; publications (1896-1913) by various political parties and citizens groups in the Choctaw Nation; publications (1892-1916) of the U.S. government regarding mineral rights of the Choctaw Nation and Indian Territory; and personal journals of McCurtain. Green McCurtain Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1890-1916

Hobert Otho Boggs Collection

 Collection — Box B-59
Identifier: WHC-M-748
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Photocopies of an occupation permit (1889) from the Choctaw Nation, a sales brochure (n.d.) from the Sacred Heart Abbey (Okla.), a letter (1845) from George Harkins describing conditions among the Choctaws since their removal from Mississippi to Indian Territory, and a letter (1874) from Peter Pitchlynn to his nephew W.B. Pitchlynn regarding Choctaw politics. Hobert Boggs Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1830-1889

Joseph G. Ralls Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-510
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Correspondence from Ralls' law practice, concerning the representation of various Choctaws during townsite payments and the allotment of Choctaw lands from 1903-1907. Joseph G. Ralls Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1870-1924

Lester Hargrett Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: WHC-M-253
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Writer and bibliographer. Manuscript, galley sheets, and page prints (1951) of "Oklahoma Imprints"; and photocopies of manuscripts (1836 and 1881) relating to the extension of the western boundary of Arkansas and the granting of a right-of-way to the Chicago, Texas and Mexican Railway Company and to the St. Louis and San Francisco Railway Company.
Dates: 1951

Madeline Czarina Colbert Conlan Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-928
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Historian. Manuscripts by Conlan reflecting the histories and cultures of numerous Indian tribes, the Choctaw Indians in particular, from 1756 to 1932; and a textbook, published in Great Britain (1950).
Dates: 1932-1950

Patrick Jay Hurley Collection

 Collection — Drawer 8612
Identifier: WHC-M-1080
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)Correspondence, reports and articles (1900-1956) from Hurley's service as National Attorney for the Choctaw Nation, regarding tribal enrollment, land tenure, and the Mississippi Choctaw; as United States Assistant Secretary of War and as a special presidential representative to the Soviet Union, Great Britain, Afghanistan and the Middle East; and as United States Ambassador to China during World War II, including correspondence regarding American and Allied war efforts in the Far Eastern theatre. Correspondents include Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lord Louis Mountbatten, Mao Tse-tung, Chiang Kai-shek, Herbert Hoover, Douglas MacArthur, Henry A. Wallace, Joseph Stilwell, Helen Keller and Cordell Hull, as well as numerous officials of the U.S. diplomatic corps, including Averell Harriman and Harry Hopkins. Included are two scrapbooks of photographs...
Dates: 1900-1956

Paul T. Olinger Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-462
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Collector. Lecture notes (1859–1866) and theological books (1797–1866) of H. R. Schermerhorn, seminary student and, later, Indian Territory missionary; personal land records (1908–1917), including land deeds from the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations and unallotted land deeds signed by Chickasaw governor Douglas H. Johnston and Choctaw principal chief Victor M. Locke, Jr.
Dates: 1797-1917

Peter Perkins Pitchlynn Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-495
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Choctaw Chief. Correspondence of Pitchlynn with prominent citizens and family members in the Choctaw Nation; personal journals (1815) and diary (1828-1832) of Pitchlynn; official reports (1825-1841) of the Choctaw Academy in Kentucky; and Pitchlynn family records (1806-1867). Also includes a signed copy of the articles of surrender and peace negotiated between the Choctaw Nation and the United States at the close of the Civil War, and extensive correspondence reflecting the state of the Choctaw Nation just prior to and during the Civil War years, with special regard to slavery. Peter Pitchlynn Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1815-1922

Robert V. Belt Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: WHC-M-740
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Five letter books of correspondence from Belt as Assistant Commissioner of Indian Affairs to various officials concerning the administration of government Indian policy and legal matters of his private law practice.
Dates: 1885-1898

W. D. Morrison and James Morrison Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-1233
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Historians. Research notes and related materials, many concerning Choctaw and Chickasaw tribal politics, allotment of lands, and Indian participation in the Civil War, gathered by the Morrisons for the purpose of writing a history of Bryan County, Oklahoma.
Dates: 1840-1920

Warren P. Chaney Collection

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: WHC-M-95
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Government employee. Correspondence, memoirs, recollections, allotment records, Civil War papers, clippings and other materials relating to Indian Territory, reflecting Chaney's experiences while traveling through the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations as clerk in charge of the Choctaw-Chickasaw Allotment Division of the Dawes Commission. Warren P. Chaney Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1864-1935

William H. Harrison Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-261
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Typescripts of speeches and correspondence of Harrison, a Principal Chief of the Choctaws, on the allotment of Choctaw lands.
Dates: 1901-1937