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Missions -- Oklahoma

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 29 Collections and/or Records:

Alfred Griffith Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-235
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Surgeon and naval officer. Correspondence (1860-1913) to and from Griffith regarding his experiences as a medical cadet with the U.S. Army during the Civil War, his participation in a U.S. naval expedition to Darien (modern Panama), and also regarding New Hope Seminary in the Choctaw Nation; diaries (1864-1870) regarding Griffith's travels abroad, and his emigration to Indian Territory; naval medical reports and requisition requests (1870-1871); petition (1894) from the residents of Sans Bois, Choctaw Nation, requesting that Griffith establish a medical practice there; certificates (1900-1917); a passport (1871); manuscripts (1864-1865) by Griffith concerning his Civil War experiences with Sherman's army in Georgia and North Carolina; and programs (1888-1931).
Dates: 1842-1931

Arthur W. Evans Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: WHC-M-1770
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Collector. Correspondence (1906–1968); certificates (1891–1918); and news clippings (1928–1939) regarding University of Oklahoma president Arthur Grant Evans, federal funding for schools in Indian Territory, the issue of separate statehood for Oklahoma and Indian territories, and Evans’s participation in the United States’ propaganda effort in World War I; a typescript regarding the history (1816–1831) of the Presbyterian church and missions in the eastern Cherokee Nation; a diary (1887) of A. G. Evans; and original records (1830–1857) of the New Echota Church in the Cherokee Nation, as recorded by Samuel A. Worcester, church clerk. Arthur W. Evans Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1830-1968

Baptism at Greenfield Mission., undated

 Item — Box Photo B-8, item: 34
Scope and Contents From the Collection: Black and white original and copy prints of Quanah Parker and Comanche Indians, the Post Oak Cemetery, and a mission in Comanche County, Oklahoma. Also included are baptismal scenes and a meeting place of the Choctaw council.
Dates: undated

Charles C. Bush, II, Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: WHC-M-73
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Professor. Instructional materials and student papers from collegiate history courses at the University of Oklahoma; manuscripts and published materials regarding various historical events; correspondence to and from Bush regarding historical events and research; and an original letter (1829) regarding Tecumseh and the Battle of the Thames of 1813, written by a soldier who participated in the battle. Charles C. Bush Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1829-1965

Cherokee Nation Papers Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-943
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)Official correspondence, letterpress copybooks, reports, chiefs' mesages, speeches of delegates, proceedings, laws, court decisions, acts, leases, election returns, registers of removal claims, and clippings relating to the affairs of the Cherokee Nation. Specifically included are groups of papers and records on the following subjects: the official Cherokee newspaper, the CHEROKEE ADVOCATE (1869-1906); the Cherokee Boundary Survey (1871-1873); Cherokee Nation censuses (1868-1901); the Cherokee Outlet (1871-1896); Citizenship (1856-1904); the Creek War or the William Cobb murder case (1880-1885); the Dawes Commission (1894-1907); Delegations, agents and attorneys (1816-1910); the Eastern (North Carolina) Cherokee (1871-1906); Education (1856-1906); Elections (1856-1901); the Cherokee Insane Asylum (1874-1907); Intruders (1868-1902);...
Dates: 1801-1982

Christopher James Huggard Collection

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: WHC-M-1069
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Huggard’s master’s thesis (1987)“The Role of the Family in Settling the Cherokee Outlet” with chapters regarding the land run of 1893, settlement and housing patterns, and interaction with neighbors. Also in this collection is a paper by Huggard later published in the Chronicles of Oklahoma, titled “Culture Mixing: Everyday Life Among the Choctaw in the Mid-Nineteenth Century” and a postcard (1989) commemorating the Land Run of 1889.
Dates: 1987-1989

D. C. Ward Collection

 Item — Box 1
Identifier: WHC-M-1323
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Missionary. A typescript of an article (1939) regarding the history of the Cache Creek Indian Mission, located in southwestern Oklahoma, which ministered to various Plains Indian tribes. D.C. Ward Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1939

Dwight Mission Collection

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: WHC-M-178
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

A biographical letter of the Reverend Charles C. Torrey, along with a pamphlet (1954) regarding the mission's history. Dwight Mission Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1820-1953

Edward Everett Dale Collection

 Collection — Drawer 8607
Identifier: WHC-M-146
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Historian. Correspondence, student term papers, theses and dissertations, and personal research materials regarding the history of Oklahoma and Indian Territories, the state of Oklahoma, Indians of North America and the American Southwest; teaching materials used by Dale at Harvard and the University of Oklahoma; administrative and other files of the Works Progress Administration's Indian-Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma; U.S. Government documents issued by various cabinet-level departments and agencies, including Agriculture and Interior; and a portion of the University of Oklahoma Persidential papers of James Shannon Buchanan and Stratton D. Brooks. Edward Everett Dale Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1865-1948

Franklin Campbell Smith Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-1748
Scope and Contents .FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Minister. A typescript of the Rev. Smith's autobiography (1946) which includes accounts of his experiences in Oklahoma Territory and the origins of Oklahoma place names, as well as stories concerning religion, settlers, cowboys, marshals, the weather, and public opinion regarding the Spanish-American War and the Crazy Snake Rebellion in Indian Territory. The collection also includes a typescript of Smith's biography of James Patrick Major, C.S.A., who held important commands in the Southwest during the Civil War.
Dates: 1946

Fred Lincoln Wenner Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: WHC-M-652
Scope and Contents Journalist. Typescripts and manuscripts (1889-1939), and clippings (n.d.) regarding the history and settlement of Oklahoma; and correspondence (1904-1950) between Wenner and the Territorial Board for the Leasing of School Lands, of which Wenner was secretary, and with notable personalities in Oklahoma regarding Oklahoma history. Fred L. Wenner Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1887-1950

H. F. Gilbert Photograph Collection

Identifier: WHC-P-1160
Scope and Contents Black and white original prints of Kiowa and Comanche Indians and their churches and missions, and baptismal scenes, all taken in western Oklahoma.
Dates: 1898-1942

James Addison Griffitts Collection

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: WHC-M-236
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Minister. Publications (1907-1940) regarding an African mission and national service efforts of the Society of Friends; minutes of two meetings (1906-1907) of the ministry held at the Friends' mission installation at Vera, Indian Territory; and a biographical sketch of Griffitts. James Addison Griffitts Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1906-1940

James Addison Griffitts Photograph Collection

Identifier: WHC-P-1477
Scope and Contents Black and white original prints of the Griffitts family and the Society of Friends school at Hillside Mission, Indian Territory. James Addison Griffitts Manuscript Collection also in rpository.
Dates: 1880-1920

John Jumper Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-330
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Seminole Chief. Typescripts of newspaper articles by and about Jumper, regarding the Council of Muskogee in 1874, his life, and the status of Christian missions in the Seminole Nation.
Dates: 1874-1928

Joseph Newton Kagey Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-331
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Educator. Newspaper articles and a history of the Senaca Indian School; a pamphlet and booklet regarding the history of the Goodland Indian Mission, along with an obituary of Kagey. Joseph N. Kagey Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1850-1959

Main building at St. Patrick’s Mission. Anadarko, Oklahoma 1961., 1961

 Item — Box Photo M-22, item: 455
Scope and Contents From the Collection: Black and white original and copy prints of numerous Oklahoma towns, including scenes of businesses, health resorts, stone quarries, railroads and dust storms. The collection also contains prints of Cherokee, Creek, Chickasw, Choctaw, Seminole, and Sac and Fox Indians. John Wesley Morris Manuscript Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1961

Mary Prosser Jayne Collection

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: WHC-M-1938
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Missionary. Correspondence (1915) and pamphlets (1924) of missionary Robert Hamilton, stationed in Shawnee, Oklahoma, regarding his work there; and manuscript notes (n.d.) by Miss Jayne regarding missionary work at the Cheyenne and Arapaho Indian Baptist Mission, and the class of 1896 of the Baptist Missionary Training School.
Dates: 1915-1924

Mrs. Butler Stonestreet Smiser Collection

 Collection — Box S-5
Identifier: WHC-M-572
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Publisher. Newspaper clippings (1935-1950) regarding the Smisers and their publishing activities and early years in Atoka, Indian Territory; a memorial (1915) to Katrina Ellett Murrow, a Baptist missionary to the Choctaw Indians, and wife of Joseph S. Murrow; and a term paper by John E. Dodd entitled "The Life of J.S. Murrow.".
Dates: 1915-1950

Mrs. John B. Lilley Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-1204
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Missionary. A typescript of a diary kept by Mrs. Lilley, the wife of John B. Lilley, a Presbyterian missionary to the Seminole Indians. The diary describes the Lilleys' arrival among the Seminole, the hardships of living in Indian Territory, problems with slaves, friction between the Creeks and the Seminoles, and tensions prior to the Civil War.
Dates: 1842-1857

Mrs. O. R. Hisel Collection

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: WHC-M-284
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Historian. Bound typescripts of three unpublished works by Mrs. Hisel entitled "Oklahoma Federation of Music Clubs" (1950) "Missionary Federation of Muskogee, Oklahoma" (1950) and "Presbyterian Pioneers and Personalities, 1825-1951" (1951).
Dates: 1950-1951

Peter Perkins Pitchlynn Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-495
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Choctaw Chief. Correspondence of Pitchlynn with prominent citizens and family members in the Choctaw Nation; personal journals (1815) and diary (1828-1832) of Pitchlynn; official reports (1825-1841) of the Choctaw Academy in Kentucky; and Pitchlynn family records (1806-1867). Also includes a signed copy of the articles of surrender and peace negotiated between the Choctaw Nation and the United States at the close of the Civil War, and extensive correspondence reflecting the state of the Choctaw Nation just prior to and during the Civil War years, with special regard to slavery. Peter Pitchlynn Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1815-1922

Robert P. Chaat Collection

 Collection — Box C-2
Identifier: WHC-M-97
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Clergyman. Minute book (1900-1908) kept by the Secretary of the Apache Indian Mission at Fort Sill, Oklahoma; manuscripts concerning the history of the Dutch Reformed Schools, the Comanche Mission, the Warm Springs Apaches and various Indians' conversions to Christianity; along with booklets, pamphlets, and newsletters regarding the history and constitution of the Dutch Reformed Church. Robert P. Chaat Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1900-1948

Roberta Robey Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-1220
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Diary of Mrs. Cassandra Sawyer Lockwood describing her journey to the Cherokee Nation in Indian Territory (1833-1834), and life at Dwight Mission (1834-1835), including efforts by the Mission staff to free slaves.
Dates: 1833-1835

Rose Mary Burt Wyatt Collection

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: WHC-M-689
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Printed speeches (1911) of Oklahoma Senator Robert L. Owen; letters (1938-1943) from Samuel Sandheimer; and letters (1886-1889) from Wyatt's former instructors at Sacred Heart Mission, Indian Territory, Mother Mary Joseph and Sister Mary Francis Bernard, regarding mission work throughout Indian Territory. Rose Mary Burt Wyatt Photograph Collection also in repository.
Dates: 1886-1943

Samuel W. Robertson Collection

Identifier: WHC-M-1219
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Teacher. Correspondence (1876-1939), mostly between Robertson and his parents, William S. and Ann Eliza Worcester Robertson, Presbyterian missionaries to the Creek Indians, regarding family life and activities at Tullahassee Mission, Indian Territory; and an autobiography of Samuel W. Robertson and biographical information on his parents.
Dates: 1876-1939

Society of Friends Collection

 Collection — Box S-9
Identifier: WHC-M-581
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Published annual reports (1953-1956) of the Society of Friends' Committee on Indian Affairs; a report (1952) entitled "American Indian Development" by the National Congress of American Indians; annual reports (1972-1973) of Friends Centers in Oklahoma; and a checklist of repositories of Society of Friends records, and related publications by the Society of Friends, concerning the church's support of American Indians.
Dates: 1952-1957

Stephen Foreman Collection

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: WHC-M-1009
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Missionary. Typescripts of Foreman's journals (1862-1868) regarding life in the Cherokee Nation during the Civil War, letters (1864-1881) from Foreman to various correspondents, and letters (1837-1881) from various correspondents to members of the Foreman family.
Dates: 1837-1881

Wahnne Clark Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: WHC-M-2631
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Collector. Manuscript (2001) titled"The Medallion" by Wahnne Clark regarding Albert Clark and his receipt of a bronze medallion in 1992 that honored original Indian allottees. The manuscript describes the history of the Clark family of the Comanche tribe, and of Albert Clark's allotment in Cotton County, Oklahoma. The collection also includes a manuscript (2001) titled"Memories of Waumaconie" by Wahnne Clark regarding Waumaconie, wife of Edward L. Clark. Appended to the manuscript is supporting documentation for the manuscript including photocopied correspondence of Edward L. Clark.
Dates: 1865-2004