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Universities and colleges. -- Oklahoma

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Found in 46 Collections and/or Records:

University of Oklahoma Archives, Oklahoma Archaeological Survey Collection, RG58

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: WHC-U-3551
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

"Community Assistance Program" Annual Report (1985) and "Preliminary Report on 1970 Field Research at Spiro Site" (1970).
Dates: 1970-1985(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, Oklahoma Geological Survey Collection, RG60

Identifier: WHC-U-3553
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

"Oklahoma Geology Notes" (1956-); "Special Publications" (1979-90); "Circulars" (1986-); "Guidebooks" (1986-90); "Bulletins" (1986-89); "Maps" (1988-89); and Press releases (1982-).
Dates: 1956-1992(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, Oklahoma Museum of Natural History Collection, RG59

Identifier: WHC-U-3552
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Director's Annual Reports (1944-53); Information Series, Circulars (1947-48); "A History of the Stovall Museum of Science and History" (1956); "Treasure of the Month" (1947); "Museum Newsletter" (1959); "Stovall Museum Newsletter" (1979-87); and "Program for a Museum of Science and History.." (1971).
Dates: 1940-1987(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, PE-ET Senior Honor Society, Student Associations Collection, RG62/19

Identifier: WHC-U-3555-4
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Original history, constitution and meeting minutes (1910-15); membership rolls (1910-81); and miscellaneous articles, letters, and citations (1910-81).
Dates: 1910-1981(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, Phantom Mask, Student Associations Collection, RG62/07

Identifier: WHC-U-3555-1
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Articles of incorporation and Constitution (n.d.); Initiation and Membership (1941-45); Correspondence regarding membership, meetings, and miscellaneous (1932-36).
Dates: 1932-1945(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, President's Office Collection, RG03

Identifier: WHC-U-3513
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Publications created by or attributed to the Offices of the President, Affirmative Action, Assistant to the President, Board of Visitors, Councils and Committees include: Annual Financial Reports (1938-91); Annual Reports to the University Board of Regents (1898-1902, 1929-49); Biennial Reports to Governor/State Board of Education (1910-18); Budgets, Norman Campus (1913-92); Budgets, Health Sciences Center (1940-91); Monthly Financial Reports (1952-69); Affirmative Action Plan (1975-83); Agendas of the Meetings of the Board of Visitors (1970-71); and various reports and plans produced by councils and committees (1925-84).
Dates: 1898-1992(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, Research Institute Collection, RG61

Identifier: WHC-U-3554
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Publications and records include: "The Researcher" (1962-73); "OU'RI Newsletter" (1959-60); "The OURI News" (1961-62); "University of Oklahoma Office of Research Administration Bulletin" (1973); "University of Oklahoma Research Institute Memorandum" (1962, 1968-72); "University of Oklahoma Research Institute Information Bulletin" (1966-73); Reports and bulletins from the Office of the Director (1942-44); Articles of incorporation and bylaws (1941); Annual Reports (1949-71); Board and Member Meeting Agendas and Minutes (1946-59); and miscellaneous reports and publications (1961-73).
Dates: 1941-1973(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, Reserve Officers Training Corps Collection, RG55

Identifier: WHC-U-3550
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Publications form Army, Navy, Air Force, and Field Artillery R.O.T.C.s and from the Department of Military Science and Tactics include: "Sooners and War Service" (1918-19); programs (1931-82); "The Sooner 75" (1933-36, 1939-40); "The Sooner-Farmer 75" (1938); "The Sooner Hoist" (1941-46); "Apollo" (1981-83); "Sooners in the War" (1918); "The American Soldier-Student" (1919); "A.E.F. University News" (1922); Handbooks of the Department of Military Science (1922-41); and the "Trident" yearbook (1977).
Dates: 1918-1983(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, Special Programs, Services, Facilities Collection, RG19

Identifier: WHC-U-3532
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Publications of the Central Stenographic Service and Freshman Camp include an Instruction Manual (1959) and two Freshman Camp brochures (1916, 1933).
Dates: 1916-1959(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, Student Affairs Collection, RG07

Identifier: WHC-U-3521-1
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)Publications from Student Development, University of Oklahoma Student Association (UOSA), Special Student Services, Housing Programs, Oklahoma Memorial Union, Career Planning & Placement Services, Goddard Health Center, School Relations & Financial Aids, Visitors Information Center, Minority Student Services, Recreational Services, Student Publications, and Mental Health Services include: Student Handbooks (1948-50, 1979-81); Student Guides (1965-67); "The Code" (1981-86); Student Regulations (1909, 1953-65); Housing/Food Service pamphlets (1948-91); Career Conference Programs (1948-55); "Omnibook" (1972-77); University Sing programs (1947-50); "Sooner Scandals" (1960-68, 1988); "Faculty Evaluation Handbook" (1981); Student Association Constitution (1915, 1927); "Soonertime" (1978-79); Intramural...
Dates: 1909-1992(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, Student Affairs, Oklahoma Memorial Union Collection, RG07/06

Identifier: WHC-U-3521-2
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Records of the Stadium-Union Memorial Fund including Annual Report (1941-42); Correspondence (1927-44) involving Ted M. Beaird and Frank Cleckler; Financial Records (1922-40); legal documents (1941); and Minutes from Board of Governors (1940-43), Board of Trustees (1935-43), and OU Association (1926-40).
Dates: 1922-1944 (inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, Student Associations Collection, RG62

Identifier: WHC-U-3555-3
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)Publications from the Christian Associations (Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A.), Independent Men's Association, Non-Student/Underground News Organizations, University Press Club (Student Press Association), Associated Women Students, Women's Self-Government Association, American Indian Student Association, Black People's Union, Chinese Student Association, Commuter Action, Independent Fraternity Commuter Coalition, Independent Students Association, International Club, Literary/Debating Societies, Allied Health Club, Pre-Medical Professions Club, Pick and Hammer Club, Ruf-Neks, Varsity "O" Club, World Future Society, and OU Women's Caucus include: Christian Associations' "Students' and Freshman Handbooks" (1904-36); Independent Men's "The Round-Up" (1936-47); Underground newspapers including "Writings of the Group"...
Dates: 1904-1986(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, Student Publications Collection, RG98

Identifier: WHC-U-3562
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Publications include News Serials: "The Sooner" (1905); "The Umpire" (1906-13); "University Oklahoman" (1913-16); "The Oklahoma Daily" (1916-); "The Sooner Student" (1919-28); "The Oklahoma Weekly" (1916-22); and "Ransom Notes" (1981). Humor Serials include: "The Oklahoma Whirlwind" (1921-35); "The Covered Wagon" (1935-52); and "Big Red Eye" (1967-68). Literary Efforts Serials include: "The University Umpire" (1897-1907) and "University of Oklahoma Magazine" (1911-16). Annuals: "The Mistletoe" (1905-08) and "The Sooner" Yearbook (1909-91).
Dates: 1897-1992(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, University Affairs Collection, RG08

Identifier: WHC-U-3522
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Publications from the Vice President and Development Offices include: Program Budgets (1972-73) for University Relations (a forerunner of University Affairs); "University of Oklahoma and Environs: Physical Development Plan 1965-1985;" and Newsletters including "Campus" (1980-81)"The University Today" (1971-73) and "Today" (1974-79).
Dates: 1965-1981(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, University College Collection, RG49

Identifier: WHC-U-3544
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Catalogs/Bulletins (1942-86) and reports from the University Guidance Service including "A Longitudinal Descriptive and Predictive Study of the Freshman Class of 1952"; "Studies in Student Behavior" (1961-62); and "Freshman Study" (1962-66).
Dates: 1942-1986(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, University Libraries Collection, RG17

Identifier: WHC-U-3531
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)Included in the University Libraries are the records and publications of the Dean, Public Services, Western History Collections, Library Council, and the Library Staff Association. Publications include: "University of Oklahoma Libraries Bulletin" (1975-79); "The Baton: OU Libraries Newsletter" (1980-87); "Staff Information Bulletin" (1978-79); "?Library News?" (1991-); "Library Newsletter" (1976); "Library Staff Bulletin" (1959-79); Handbooks and Guides to the Libraries (1930-85); Architectural blueprints and plans (1928-82); and Scrapbooks of newsclippings (1951-56). Records include: Annual Reports (1963-73); Branch Annual Reports (1969-75); Departmental Annual Reports (1952-74); and Faculty Meeting Minutes (1968-85). Records and publications associated with the Dean include: Annual Reports...
Dates: 1928-1992(inclusive)