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College publications -- Oklahoma

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Found in 15 Collections and/or Records:

University of Oklahoma Archives, Alumni Association Collection, RG12

Identifier: WHC-U-3526-2
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Publications of the Association and the related Alumni Development Fund, Sooner Associates, and its General Secretary include: Alumni Directory (1913-26); The Alumni Quarterly (1910-11); The Sooner Alumnus (1922-26); OU People (1980-86); The Sooner (1972-79); Sooner Magazine (1928-72); Sooner News-Makers (1959-69); Alumni News Issue (1923-48); University of Oklahoma Alumni News (1969-70, 1978); All-Star University programs (1977-83); Achievement Day Programs/Distinguished Service Citations (1948-54, 1975-77); Newsletters including "Sooners in Sports" (1979-80) and "Sooner Newsletter" (1957); Reports of the General Secretary to Executive Committee (1923-24); Honor Roll (1956-69); The Margin of Quality (1969) and Associates Annual Reports (1980, 1984).
Dates: 1910-1986(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, College of Arts and Sciences Collection, RG40

Identifier: WHC-U-3535-4
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)Publications of the College and its Departments and Schools including: Preparatory School, Chemistry & Biochemistry, English, History, Physics& Astronomy, Classics, Mathematics, Botany & Microbiology, Zoology, Philosophy, Modern Languages, Literatures& Linguistics, Psychology, Geography, Political Science (Government), Sociology, Journalism & Mass Communication, Social Work (Social Service), Home Economics, Anthropology, Library & Information Studies (Library Science), Communication (Speech), Biology, Applied Biology, Human Relations, Letters, and Biological Station comprise Official University Bulletins/Catalogs/Announcements describing courses, staffing, and facilities (1907-79); "Apex" (1979, 1990-91); Rosetta Briegel Barton Lecture programs (1980-84); "The Gittinger Review" (1982); "Genre"...
Dates: 1907-1991(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, College of Business Administration, Publications Collection, RG47

Identifier: WHC-U-3542-1
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)Publications from the Dean, School of Accounting, Center for Economic and Management Research (Bureau for Business and Economic Research, 1968-74 and Bureau of Business Research, 1928-68), Division of Economics, Institute of American Enterprise, Institute for Managerial Development, Executive Development Program, Student Business Association, School of Commerce & Industry, School of Public & Private Business, and the Division of Marketing include: Pamphlets (1904-05); Catalogs/Bulletins (1924-79); "Oklahoma Business Bulletin" (1928-); "Review of Regional Economics and Business" (1981-86); Studies, Monographs, and Proceedings (1977-85); "Statistical Abstract of Oklahoma" (1982-86); "Studies in Business and Economics" (1931-67); Miscellaneous publications (1937-70); "Dialog" (1983-88); and...
Dates: 1904-1992(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, College of Education Collection, RG48

Identifier: WHC-U-3543
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Catalog/Bulletins (1910-83)"Bridge" (1987), and miscellaneous publications.
Dates: 1910-1987(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, College of Engineering Collection, RG41

Identifier: WHC-U-3536-1
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)Publications of the School of Mines, School of Applied Science, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Civil Engineering and Environmental Science, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Engineering Physics, Industrial Engineering, and Petroleum and Geological Engineering include: General Bulletins/Catalogs (1903-82); "Sooner Shamrock" (1948-75); "Proceedings of the Southwestern Gas Meter Short Course" (1927-44); "Proceedings of the Petroleum Fluid Metering Conference" (1938-40); Annual Reports (1983-84); "The Alumni Communique" (1982-85); "OkChE" (1973-85); Programs of the Harry G. Fair Memorial Lecture (1980-83, 1992); University of Oklahoma Chemical Engineering Motion Picture Collection (1954-57); "CEES Communique" (1982); "Engineer"...
Dates: 1903-1992(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, College of Fine Arts Collection, RG46

Identifier: WHC-U-3541
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Publications from the College of Fine Arts, Schools of Music, Art, and Drama, Museum of Art, and the Department of Dance include: General Catalogs/Bulletins (1902-1979); "Encore" (1976-81); Calendar of Events (1980-85); Exhibition Calendars (1953-59); Miscellaneous Exhibition programs (1920-62); "Spectator" (1973, 1983-84); Schedule of Events (1982-85); University Playhouse Production Programs (1929-64); School of Drama Production Programs (1950-64); University Theatre Production Programs (1965-82); Music Program Books (1937-); "Oklahoma School Music News" (1950-51); "Spencer Norton Distinguished Music Series" (1981-84); "The Bandsman" (1931-35); "The Blue Sheet" (1981-85, 1992-); "Score" (1975-80); and "Oklahoma Interscholastic Music Contests" (1913-15, 1932-54).
Dates: 1902-1992(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, College of Law Collection, RG42

Identifier: WHC-U-3537
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Publications of the College of Law, College of Law Association, Law Center, and the Delta Theta Law Fraternity include: General Bulletins/Catalogs (1909-84); "The Owl" (1917); "Law School Association Newsletter" (1956, 1959); "Law Alumni News" (1982-85); "Placement News" (1983); "Law School Directories" (1960-62, 1972); "Law Focus & Citizenship" (1981); "The Sooner Docket" (1983-84); "American Indian Law Review" (1973-); and "Oklahoma Law Review" (1972, 1983-).
Dates: 1909-1992(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, College of Liberal Studies Collection, RG50

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: WHC-U-3545
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Catalogs/Bulletins (1971-79); "College of Liberal Studies Newsletter" (1976-80); Annual Reports (1978, 1984-87); and miscellaneous brochures and pamphlets (1980-83).
Dates: 1971-1987(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, Continuing Education and Public Service Collection, RG45

Identifier: WHC-U-3540-1
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)Publications from the College of Continuing Education, Oklahoma Center for Continuing Education (OCCE), American Indian Institute, Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies, KGOU Radio, Independent Study, Special Credit Programs, Advanced Programs, Program Development Services, and Rehabilitation Administration & Management Programs include: General Bulletins/Catalogs (1962-69); Proposals to the W.K. Kellog Foundation (1958); "Con.Text" (1991); Annual Reports (1972-73, 1983-86); "OCCE Occasional Newsletter" (1980); Program Audit Reports (1971-78); "Oklahoma Indian Newsletter" (1958); "Centerboard" (1984); "Indian Education Letter" (1970); KGOU program guides (1983-85); "Newsletter of the Advanced Programs" (1969-70); "Governmental Career Studies Newsletter" (1965); and...
Dates: 1958-1991

University of Oklahoma Archives, Extension Division Collection, RG44

Identifier: WHC-U-3539-13
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)Publications representing the various activities of the departments of the Extension Division including Correspondence Study (1913-73); Extension Classes (1914-45); Educational Materials Services including Audio-Visual Education (1915-59), Evaluation and Testing (1928-54), Public Information and Welfare (1925-54) and Current Events Study (1917-18); Short Courses and Conferences including Home and Community (1938-39), Oklahoma Institute of International Relations (1940-51), and Professional Writing (1938-82); School and Community Services including Lecture Bureau (1904-57), Public Discussion and Debate (1913-40), Oklahoma Municipal League Municipalities (1916-25), and Package Libraries (1919-44); Family Life Institute Radio Forum, pamphlets, and reports (1938-61); WNAD program schedules (1945-57); and three newsletters including "Extension News...
Dates: 1904-1982 (inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, Graduate College Collection, RG43

Identifier: WHC-U-3538
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Publications of the Graduate College (School) include: General Bulletins/Catalogs (1911-88); "Graduate Student Association Newsletter" (1982); "Abstracts of Theses" (1931-57); and "Announcements of Final Examinations" (1929-50).
Dates: 1911-1988(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, Health Sciences Center Publications Collection, RG53

Identifier: WHC-U-3548-2
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Publications from the College (School) of Medicine, College (School) of Pharmacy, College (School) of Nursing, College of Allied Health, and the College of Public Health include: Catalog/Bulletins (1905-84); "Roundup" (1972-73); Guidebooks/Handbooks (1977-83); Annual Reports (1968-71); "Commentary" (1953-73); "HSC Magazine" (1980); "The O.U. Take" (1970-75); and miscellaneous informational brochures and pamphlets (1979-82).
Dates: 1905-1984(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, Official University of Oklahoma Publications Collection, RG99

Identifier: WHC-U-3563
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Overview of Series in Record Group 99: 99/01: General Information 99/02: Handbooks 99/03: Lectures / Speeches 99/04: Serials 99/04/01: University News-Letter 99/04/02: University of Oklahoma News-Bulletin 99/04/03: University of Oklahoma News-Journal 99/04/04: University of Oklahoma Magazine 99/04/05: University of Oklahoma Gazette 99/04/06: University of Oklahoma Bulletin 99/04/07: Windmill 99/04/08: Information Science Series 99/05: Catalogs 99/06: Class Schedules 99/07: Commencement Programs 99/08: Registers / Directories 99/09: Calendars 99/10: Buildings 99/11: Blueprints, Maps, Plans
Dates: 1892-2018

University of Oklahoma Archives, Roscoe Simmons Cate, Jr. editorship records, RG12/04

Identifier: WHC-U-3526-1
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Cate served as Editor of Sooner Magazine and Assistant in Press Relations beginning December 1, 1936 and continued in those capacities until 1942 when he became acting Secretary of the Alumni Association, acting manager of the Oklahoma Memorial Union, and Editor/Manager of Sooner Magazine. In 1944 Cate became Financial Assistant to President George Lynn Cross. The administrative files, arranged alphabetically by subject, contain primarily advertising records, newsclippings and correspondence.
Dates: 1937-1942(inclusive)

University of Oklahoma Archives, University College Collection, RG49

Identifier: WHC-U-3544
Scope and Contents FULL FINDING AID (PDF)

Catalogs/Bulletins (1942-86) and reports from the University Guidance Service including "A Longitudinal Descriptive and Predictive Study of the Freshman Class of 1952"; "Studies in Student Behavior" (1961-62); and "Freshman Study" (1962-66).
Dates: 1942-1986(inclusive)